Audiovisual practice in the field: popular cultures in focus

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Speakers: Ariane Couto Costa and Pâmilla Villas Boas Ribeiro
Coordination: Profa. Dr. Rose Satiko Gitirana Hikiji
Registration period: 14 to 16/07
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The course aims to discuss the use of audiovisual as a tool in fieldwork. Based on the experiences of audiovisual production by the teachers in ethnographic works in the north of Minas Gerais and in Piauí with Afro-Brazilian culture groups of drumming, terreiros and quilombo capoeira, this will raise questions about the multiple representations that the filming exercise can provoke . When registering different practices, we saw in the film support, a polysemic narrative option that would make it possible to reduce the asymmetry between the demands and interests of researchers and the demands and interests of local groups. Building a filmic approach based on polyphony and an explicit dialogue with the interlocutors allows alternative forms of representation of the "other" from the meeting of points of view. It is important to note that audiovisual does not solve the problem of representation in the social sciences, but it can provide exercises to create contact zones, places where the voices of researchers and collaborators can echo. Means so that these voices and presences can occupy places where these people, for political and social reasons, have never before been able to be.

Ariane Couto is a master's student in Social Sciences (Social Anthropology) in the area of ​​anthropology of Afro-Brazilian populations, researching cultural heritage and quilombos at FFCLH-USP.
Specialist (MBA) in Cultural Management from Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV SP), with emphasis in the area of ​​Cultural Heritage Management. Bachelor of Arts (Linguistics and Literature) with German and Portuguese qualifications (2009) from the University of São Paulo (USP), Licensed in Portuguese Letters from the University of São Paulo (2010).

Pâmilla Vilas Boas is a doctoral student in Social Anthropology at USP and Master in Anthropology at UFMG (2017) with research in performance anthropology, on the drumming of the São Francisco River. She is a member of the Center for Anthropology, Performance and Drama at USP, director of the documentary on music and memory at the batuques of the São Francisco River and creator of the regional meeting of batuques in the upper middle São Francisco region in partnership with the quilombola community of Bom Jardim da Prata.