Poetics of image, images of memory

room 24 of the FFLCH-USP Building of Social Sciences and Philosophy.

with Andrea Barbosa (Unifesp) and Carolina Junqueira dos Santos (USP)
Mediation: João Campos (PPGAS / USP)

The image, as an object of anthropological thought, has long fueled reflections on its production, its status and its role in the production of knowledge in Human Sciences. Furthermore, it has provided a basis for theoretical and methodological debates, whether from other theories of image, or from the encounter between anthropological making and the production of films, photographs, paintings, drawings. In this * Friday of the Month *, we want to invite everyone to a debate on the power of images as ways of thinking the direction of our history, but also of translating other modes of existence from the imagery experience. It is, above all, the possibility of reconstructing peripheral narratives and creating images of the social that are sometimes erased from our memory. It is also a matter of discussing the political-epistemological implications of the use of images in and for anthropological production, collaboratively or not. Finally, it is also a matter of thinking through images, what they bring up, like threads of memory, what they transform with their circulation, of what they do.