Rodas do Musicar - Session 1: "Filming Musicares, revealing the extraordinary"

Projection and discussion of the films CANTO DE FAMÍLIA and CARLOS CAPS DRAG RACE, with the directors Paula Bessa Braz (PPGAS-USP PhD student) and Mihai Andrei Leaha (Post-doctoral fellow at DA-USP, post-doctoral fellow at the University of Barcelona) . Both films were winners of the Pierre Verger Award 2022 in the feature and medium-length categories.

The objective of this activity is to discuss the dimensions of making music that are revealed through an audiovisual approach, from the exhibition and debate of two films made in very different universes, but which keep similarities in the centrality of the musical event to investigate and to describe its dynamics: one about the independent electronic music scene in São Paulo, the other about a family that organizes a social project for teaching music in their own home, on the outskirts of Fortaleza.

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