The Graduate Program in Social Anthropology at the University of Sao Paulo

(GPSA-USP) makes no commitment to grant scholarships to all students

admitted to its Master’s Degree and Doctoral Degree programs. Scholarship

policies are determined by public funding agencies (CAPES, CNPq, and

FAPESP) according to the resources available. GPSA-USP is only responsible

for distributing the scholarships according to the ranking of applicants by the

Examining Committee during the admissions process.

The Program maintains an internal aid policy and offers students grants for field

research (through specific programs announced twice a year); participation in

academic events in Brazil and abroad (events abroad are restricted to PhD

candidates), and translation of academic papers. Requests must be submitted

through the application forms available at the GPSA website in accordance with

the applicable specifications.


PEC/PG Scholarships for Applicants from Developing Countries

Applicants residing abroad may apply for PEC-PG, CAPES or CNPq

scholarship programs. For more information, please visit the following websites:


CNPq -

Once fulfilling all the program's requirements, the applicant shall submit a

research proposal to be assessed by the GPSA faculty member chosen by the

candidate as his/her research advisor. Upon approval of the proposal by the

advisor, a letter of acceptance shall be issued by the GPSA. In case the

scholarship is granted, the student has to report in Brazil to the University of

Sao Paulo Graduate Studies Office and the GPSA Administrative Office for 

accreditation and Portuguese proficiency exams, in accordance with the

Program's and the University’s standards.