Nominations for capes, anpocs and usp highlights - PPGAS/2021

The Commission, composed by the professors of PPGAS / USP, Fernanda Peixoto, José Guilherme Magnani and Paula Montero, decided to choose the following works (among the 9 doctorates and 2 enrolled masters):

1. CAPES Award. Doctoral thesis by Olavo de Souza Pinto Filho, "The Nagô family. Compositions between blood and the saint in Recife's candomblé". Advisor: Prof. Dr Vagner Gonçalves da Silva

2. USP Highlight Award. Doctoral dissertation by Fábio Augusto Nogueira Ribeiro, "Zo'é Meetings in the Guianas". Advisor: Prof. Dr. Dominique T. Gallois

3. ANPOCS Award.
Doctoral thesis by Bruna Nunes da Costa Triana, "Essays in black and white: archive, memory and city in Ricardo Rangel's photographs". Advisor: Prof. Dr. Sylvia Caiuby Novaes

Master's dissertation by Thiago Magri Benucci, "The Yanomami way of hanging hammocks". Advisor: Prof.Dr. Pedro de Niemeyer Cesarino