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Period: 07-31-2021 to 02-13-2022
Sesc Vila Mariana

Sesc - Social Service of Commerce invites for the opening of the exhibition Encontros Ameríndios.

Opening Online Event
July 31, 2021, 3 pm, via youtube.com/sescvilamariana channel

With Sylvia Caiuby Novaes (designer and coordinator of the exhibition project), Marina Herrero (indigenist) and Els Lagrou (researcher)
Mediation: Tatiana Amaral (Technical Assistant at Gepros - Studies and Social Programs Management at Sesc São Paulo)

Translated into LIBRAS

Sesc Vila Mariana presents the exhibition Encontros Ameríndios, from 7/31/21 to 2/13/22, coordinated by Sylvia Caiuby Novaes and curated by Aristoteles Barcelos Neto, with the proposal to explore dialogic possibilities based on the encounter among the arts of the Haida and Tahltan peoples (Canada), Guna (Panama), Shipibo Konibo (Peru) and Huni Kuin (Brazil).

The exhibition, including paintings, drawings, digital art, embroidery and wood carving, features works by the MAHKU Huni Kuin Collective, from the Alto Rio Jordão Indigenous Land, in Acre (Brazil); the artists Shipibo-Konibo Olinda Silvano, Wilma Maynas, Silvia Ripoca, Ronin Koshi Arias Silvano and Dora Inuma Ramírez from Alto Ucayali and the Cantagallo Community in Lima, Peru; by artists Guna Ana Bella Fernandez, Angelmira Owens Perez, Benilda Mores, Briseida Iglesias, Buna Bipi, Conciencia Grace Rodriguez, Dilma Gardel, Edita Lopez, Emilsy Fernandez, Flor Fernandez, Gilda Tejada, Lea Amelta Tejada, Lonilda Gonzalez, Lucre Tejada and Victoria Gonzalez of the Comarca Guna Yala in Panama; by artists Haida Gwaai Edenshaw and Jaalen Edenshaw of the Haida Gawaii Archipelago in Canada; and by artist Tahltan Alano Edzerza of Telegraph Creek also in Canada.

The choice of works is based on two paths, one being the in-depth curatorial study of the original peoples and their works, and the other, the intercultural translation of the ideas and motivations of their artists behind their productions, with the aim of bringing the the artists' individual creativity, the changes in their works over time, the thematic universe approached by each one, the plastic and aesthetic preferences and the philosophical and cosmological issues of the arts of these Amerindian peoples. The curatorial process was guided by the biographies and reflections of indigenous artists, having as one of the concerns the protagonism of their authors.