Rua do Anfiteatro, 181 - favo 10, Cidade Universitária, São Paulo - SP

Reinaldo Macuxi and Eric Kamikiawa (PPGAS/USP PhD students)

Indigenous students will bring their experiences when leaving the community for university, pointing out the challenges and opportunities that arose along the way, whether at undergraduate or postgraduate level.

Center for Amerindian Studies (CEstA/USP)

Rua do Anfiteatro, 181, Colmeia - favo 8
University City - São Paulo - SP

Room 1037 of the Social Sciences Building - Av. Prof. Luciano Gualberto, 315

Responsible Professor: Rafael Antunes Almeida
Postdoctoral student at the Department of Anthropology (USP)
Professor at the University of International Integration of Afro-Brazilian Lusofonia (UNILAB)

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