Three films produced with the support of LISA are competing for the Pierre Verger Award at ABA this year, between October 26th and 30th!

Are they:
Ãjãí. The head game of Myky and Manoki by André Lopes and Typju Myky - Check out the Trailer!
New York, another city by André Lopes and Joana Brandão - Check out the Trailer!
Woya Hayi Mawe - Where are you going? by Rose Satiko G. Hikiji and Jasper Chalcraft - Check out the Trailer!

The Pierre Verger Award (PPV) for ethnographic films, from the Brazilian Association of Anthropology (ABA) and the Visual Anthropology Committee (CAV), was created in 1996 and now, in 2020, celebrates its 24th anniversary. The inclusion of the award for photo-ethnographic essays appeared a few years later, in 2002, and completes 18 years in this edition.

In this 32nd Brazilian Meeting of Anthropology, PPV happens as a pre-event of the Brazilian Meeting of Anthropology, between October 26th and 30th. For the first time, and due to the pandemic caused by the Corona virus, this 13th edition of Ethnographic Films and the 10th edition of photographic essays will be held in a remote format. Altogether there will be 21 ethnographic films and 20 photo essays competing in the 2020 awards.

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The movie links will be available from 10/26 to 6/11/2020

Website: ppv.abant.org.br
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